Root Canal

If you have a badly infected tooth, you might be feeling it. We’re very sorry if you’re in a lot of pain. Call Hunsaker Dental right away. We can examine your tooth quickly and decide how to relieve the problem.

We might need to use a root canal treatment to clean an infection out of your tooth in a single appointment. We’ll keep you comfortable, and you’ll be happy to have a healthy tooth again. Call now!

Why Is Your Tooth Hurting?

Bacteria might be multiplying in a tooth’s inner chamber, which is called the root canal. A bacterial infection can cause fluid to gather in there and hit sensitive nerves. We know how painful that can be! It can also lead to:

  • Swollen or red gums.
  • Facial swelling.
  • Fever.
  • Strange tastes.
  • Pressure around or in the tooth.

Get an exam at Hunsaker Dental to find out if you have an infected root canal. Don’t let it keep spreading and damaging your teeth.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

In a root canal treatment, we clean the infection out of the inner chamber of a tooth. Dr. Hunsaker will:

  • Make you comfortable and relaxed during the treatment.
  • Clean the infection out of your root canal.
  • Fill in the root canal chamber.
  • Seal up the tooth.
  • Place a dental crown over the top and sides of the tooth to protect it.

With a restored tooth, you’ll be able to chew and smile confidently again. The infection should not be able to come back into that tooth. Make sure you brush twice a day and floss once a day to protect your teeth and oral health.

Call Hunsaker Dental to Relieve Tooth Pain

A root canal treatment can prevent damage to the permanent material of your tooth. It’s terrible if your tooth gets so damaged you need it replaced. It’s much quicker, easier, and cheaper to have a root canal treatment and keep your natural tooth.

Call us at Hunsaker Dental today for a comfortable appointment and relief from your tooth pain. We’ll work to promote your total dental health with a gentle touch.