Dental Technology

We’re committed to the complete dental care of our friends and neighbors in and around Rock Springs, WY. We help individuals and families to have healthier teeth and gums, keeping them clean at appointments and helping you have better cleaning habits at home.

Fulfilling that mission requires us to have the latest in advanced dental technology. When you come to Hunsaker Dental, you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art dental machines that we use to:

  • Give you quicker, more comfortable appointments.
  • Make more accurate and detailed diagnoses.
  • Keep you safe during procedures.
  • Send you on your way more quickly.
  • Promote faster healing after services.
  • Show you better images of your own teeth, bones, and gums.

We combine technology and a commitment to having great relationships with you and your family members. You can bring kids to us, grandparents, and everyone in between. We’ll help you all feel like part of our family when you’re at Hunsaker Dental.

Here are some of our favorite technologies that we’re excited to use for you:

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays instantly display x-ray pictures on a computer screen in front of you when we scan your teeth, gums, and jawbones. You’ll be able to see how we’re making diagnoses. X-rays can help us find problems with your:

  • Gums.
  • Jawbone.
  • Tooth roots.
  • Tooth shape.
  • Tooth surfaces.

Digital x-rays are safer than film-based x-rays. They can use up to 80% less radiation! You don’t have to wear lead coverings for these X-rays. That means you’ll know that you and your loved ones are very safe getting x-rays once a year at Hunsaker Dental.

Dental Lasers

Our soft-tissue dental lasers use concentrated light to work on your teeth and oral tissues. You might not even feel the laser because it’s very precise, keeping even small children comfortable.

We can use dental lasers to:

  • Control ulcers.
  • Destroy gum infections.
  • Reshape your gum line.
  • Stimulate your gums to grow.
  • Release a child’s lip or tongue that is locked in place by tissue.

Amazingly, even young children barely feel the laser and have very few problems during the final procedure mentioned above. The laser stimulates their tissues to heal very quickly too.

TVs & Computers in All Operatories

We’ve built up every one of our workstations to display all the information Dr. Hunsaker and other staff members need during your procedures. That means:

  • You’ll have a TV to watch during procedures.
  • Operatories are very clean and organized, which keeps you safer.
  • Your team will see your x-rays and health information to guide them during procedures.

It’s a lot easier to work when we have x-rays, dental photos, health history, etc. digitally displayed during services. We’ll give you our highest-quality work every time in these operatories.

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