Do you need a tooth replaced? Sometimes, getting a dental implant is the easiest way to restore a single missing tooth.

We work closely with trusted oral surgeons to guide you through the implant process. Then we complete your unique smile with a customized tooth restoration. Get your confidence back with a high-quality dental implant!

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a new tooth root made out of high-tech titanium. An oral surgeon will place it in the socket where you’re missing a tooth.

You’ll get some time to heal afterwards, and the titanium rod will join naturally to your jawbone and become a strong new part of your mouth! It will be ready to hold a tooth crown or dentures for many years.

How Can a Missing Tooth Be Restored?

When your dental implant is stable, we’ll create a dental crown to attach to it. A crown is a custom-made tooth. Using ceramic or other materials, we’ll make sure your crown look just right with your other teeth.

When your crown is ready, we’ll attach it to your implant in our office. We’ll position it and examine your whole smile. We’ll keep at it until you’re satisfied.

If you have any problems with your crown, let us know right away. We’ll bring you back for a visit and make sure you’re comfortable and happy with your tooth restoration.

Implant-Supported Dentures

What if you’re missing a whole row of teeth? A great solution is to get several dental implants and place implant-supported dentures on them.

Some patients don’t like traditional dentures that rest on their gums. Implant-supported dentures instead attach to a few different implants placed strategically throughout your mouth. This type of denture is very stable. It’ll be easy for you to chew with them and clean them.

Call Hunsaker Dental for an Implant Consultation

If you’re tired of a missing tooth or teeth, you can get an appointment with Dr. Hunsaker. He’ll give you an exam and let you know if implants are a good option for your teeth and jaw.

We’ll guide you through the whole implant process and coordinate your schedule with a trusted oral surgeon. We want to keep you comfortable and informed. We’re excited to restore your smile and see you happy with the results! Call Hunsaker Dental now to get started.