Digital X-Rays

You might remember getting film-based dental X-rays. Do you remember the process being slow and inefficient? It was also dangerous! To protect your whole family from excess radiation and speed up your appointments, we have switched to digital x-rays.

Were Traditional X-rays Slow and Dangerous?

What was the problem with traditional X-rays? If you’ve never gotten one, here’s how the process went:

  • Dental staff put a lead covering on you.
  • You bit down on a large piece of film.
  • They left the room to press a button.
  • They walked back in to reposition the x-ray emitter—and the process might be repeated many times.
  • They then went to a dark room in the office to get the film developed and find out if the images came out right.
  • Finally, they came back and put the finished x-ray images up on a lighted wall to examine them.

You had to wear a lead apron to block some of the radiation from entering your body, even though the x-ray emitter was pointed at your mouth. Anyway, our digital X-ray system changes all of this!

How Digital X-Rays Are Quicker and Safer

Getting digital X-rays is almost a completely different process. Here’s what it will look like for you:

  • You don’t wear a lead covering because digital X-rays use less radiation.
  • You gently bite on a digital receiver.
  • Our staff member stands next to you the whole time, quickly taking all images.
  • The x-ray images instantly show up on a computer right in front of you.
  • That’s it!

It takes just a few minutes to get all the x-rays of your teeth and roots. It’s easy to enlarge the images, and they’ll stay in the computer to track any changes to your teeth. These images help us make accurate diagnoses that lead to effective, health-protecting treatments.

You don’t have to wear lead because digital x-rays use far less radiation than traditional methods—half the radiation or even better. That’s safer for your kids, you, and your grandparents!

Because the process is so quick, you can get out of the office and back to your life faster. Also, you might be able to efficiently finish appointments for more than one family member while you’re here!

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Digital x-rays are just one of the technologies we use to promote dental health for you and your family members. Call Hunsaker Dental to enjoy all the ways we provide complete dental care with a gentle touch.