Sometimes, nothing is more frustrating than having missing teeth. You can’t chew the foods you want. You can’t smile. You might not even be able to talk right!

Having missing teeth goes against everything we’re about at Hunsaker Dental. We want to quickly help you get your unique smile back.

Dentures are appliances that hold customized replacement teeth in your mouth. They can replace several missing teeth or a whole row of teeth. Once you have them in and secured, they’ll let you smile, chew, and talk like you have your natural teeth back.

We have several types of dentures to satisfy any need. When you come to Hunsaker Dental for dentures, we’ll make sure you’re smiling and confident when you step outside.

What Kind of Dentures Are Right for You?

Not everyone likes the same type of dentures, and there are options today. When you come for a consultation, Dr. Hunsaker will talk you through the choices and will recommend the dentures that will serve you well.

Here are the types of dentures we have:

  • Custom: When you are missing a few teeth here and there, we can craft customized dentures that put new teeth in the empty sockets and work around your natural teeth.
  • Traditional: These dentures replace entire rows of missing teeth. First, we’ll prepare your gum line to receive them. Then the dentures will rest on your gums and stay there using suction and approved adhesive.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures: A dental implant is a metal tooth root placed in the jaw. A few implants together can support dentures. These dentures won’t touch your gums. You can get a type that permanently stays on your implants or a type that is removable.

Aging can be frustrating, but we at Hunsaker Dental want to make it easier on you. We’ll help you find the type of dentures that will let you chew easily and smile with confidence again.

Call Hunsaker Dental for a New Smile

We have a lot of experience with the elderly and with others who have lost teeth. You can become one of our satisfied dentures patients. Call Hunsaker Dental now to get a restored smile.